A unique hydro-structural tool

Hydro-structural tool

The project

The structural integrity of vessels and other floating structures is crucial to the success of offshore operations. Nevesbu has developed a unique tool to link hydrodynamic loading on vessels and floating structures directly to FE (finite element) analysis so that the design can accurately handle specific weather conditions at sea. What makes this tool unique is the link between hydrodynamics and structural analysis. The aim is to ensure that the overall strength and the strength of local structural details are sufficient to withstand operational and weather-related loads, without compromising the economic and environmental requirements for lighter and more efficient structures. The tool offers added value in FPSO redeployment projects, such as determining whether an FPSO is suited to a specific field. The tool can also be applied well to other offshore units, such as FLNGs or floating substations.

The challenge

In practice, hydrodynamic calculations and FE analyses are usually performed strictly separately. However, this approach does not necessarily produce representative design loads, and can lead to difficult discussions with class organisations or extreme structural design modifications.

The impact

By applying advanced hydro-structural analysis at an early stage of a conversion, life extension or redeployment project, the condition of the hull can be more realistically assessed. This allows any structural weaknesses to be identified and provides insight into the extent of modifications required to make the floating structure suitable for the intended field of operation.

Hydro-structural tool

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