Accsys Elm Tree – Increasing the production capacity

crane lifts a reactor

The project

Accsys Technologies, a company specialising in the production and sale of durable wood products, decided to expand its production capacity to meet growing demand. Equipped initially with three wood acetylation reactors for producing durable wood, it was essential to add a fourth reactor. This led to the establishment of the Elm Tree project, which aimed to increase the capacity of the Arnhem facility.

From basic engineering, Iv was involved in detailing the entire project. Upon completion of the design, the installation was further detailed and tendered under an EPCm contract. During the subsequent implementation phase, Iv provided site supervision, which ensured the coordinated execution of the works by contractors from different disciplines. Iv was also responsible for coordinating the transport and specialist lifting of large process equipment delivered by water.

The challenge

The project was built next to an operating plant in a gated industrial estate with highly sensitive equipment. Given the limited space and many traffic movements on the site, special attention had to be paid to logistics and personal safety. Close liaison between those responsible at Accsys and the Iv construction team ensured that the most critical work was carried out without a hitch. In addition, the work was carried out during the COVID pandemic, for which Iv also provided health monitoring. Despite this, the project cost and schedule remained intact.

The impact

The project increased production capacity in Arnhem by 30%, enabling Accsys to improve both the quality and capacity of its unique product. 80,000 m3 of durable wood can now be produced annually.

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