Alternative drinking water supply Dunea

New sources Dunea

The project

How can we ensure clean drinking water for everyone in the future? The supply of clean drinking water is under pressure. As part of the ‘Drinking Water for the Future’ project, Dunea is working on alternatives for new water sources and treatment technologies that could be implemented in addition to the current drinking water production system. Iv and Arcadis are working on the sketch designs; one of the options will be implemented. Iv and Arcadis are also conducting all the studies to assess the impact of these new systems and are preparing the first phase of the Environmental Impact Report. The report covers aspects such as water availability, surface water quality, archaeology, nature, land use, sustainability and cost.

The challenge

Dunea needs to be able to provide more drinking water for the rapidly growing population in the region. In addition, prolonged droughts must be bridged, and the contamination of drinking water sources must be taken into account. Meanwhile, Dunea’s current treatment system is reaching the limits of its capabilities. To continue to supply drinking water in the future, Dunea will need new water sources and treatment technologies by 2030 at the latest. This will require space and permits.

The impact

The Drinking Water for the Future project aims to address these challenges and ensure the quantity, quality and continuity of drinking water supplies while enhancing the precious dune habitats.

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