Blythe & Southwark gas production platforms

The project

The Blythe & Southwark production platforms form part of the Saturn Banks, which includes six natural gas reservoirs and various production platforms. The Saturn Banks is located several tens of kilometres off the Norfolk coast in the North Sea. As a subcontractor to HSM, Iv was responsible for the detailed engineering and procurement services for both gas production platforms. Iv also provided the workshop drawings for both topsides and jackets.

The challenge

The technical development of the Blythe and Southwark platforms involves many challenges, including the topsides being supported by jackets resting on suction piles. In addition, the platforms are only manned during maintenance and repair operations. However, the platforms do have emergency accommodation in case a return to shore is not possible.

The impact

The Blythe and Southwark development will help optimise gas production with minimal environmental impact and strengthen the UK’s energy supply. The gas produced at Southwark will be transported via a new pipeline connecting directly to the existing network, improving efficiency and supply.

Technical data

Southwark Topside: 35 x 21 x 22 m

Southwark Jacket: 41 m

Blythe Topside: 31 x 20 x 16 m

Blythe Jacket: 40.7 m
Bridge 40 m



Southwark Topside: 861 mT
Southwark Jacket: 1,261 mT

Blythe Topside: 686 mT
Blythe Jacket: 1,005 mT


Southwark water depth:

varying between 28.6 and 29.8 m
Blyth water depth: 23.3 m

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