Customised design for knuckle boom cranes

Knuckleboom cranes

The project

For the Dutch company LWC Lagendijk, which specialises in the manufacture of offshore equipment, Iv designed four fully customised knuckle boom cranes. These special cranes have a knuckle boom that allows them to be positioned in a versatile and flexible way for loading and unloading materials in a confined space, such as on board a vessel.

The challenge

Iv designed these knuckle boom cranes specifically for LWC. This was a case of reinventing the wheel due to unique specifications such as range requirements, available space and capacity ratios. This type of crane consists of a double knuckle, allowing many different configurations in a small area. A total of four of these cranes have been built and are in operation. The workshop drawings were produced by the Iv team in Malaysia. The design also took into account offshore conditions. The cab has been designed for optimum offshore operation.

The impact

The four custom-built cranes are currently in operation in Brazil, on board a vessel. The versatility of the configurations allows users to work offshore more efficiently, quickly and safely.

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