Optimisation and expansion of drinking water reserves in Diepenveen

Diepenveen water treatment plant

The project

In North Overijssel, the operational reserve of drinking water is being optimised through adjustments in both the Boerhaar extraction area and the Diepenveen production site. Iv has a framework contract with Vitens since 2019 and is leading this project. The focus is on bringing the non-operational Boerhaar reserve into operation and expanding the water treatment at the Diepenveen production site. In addition, a sustainability initiative is being introduced.

The challenge

The extraction capacity at Boerhaar and the treatment capacity at Diepenveen must be increased within the existing permits. This will be achieved by adding four new extraction wells and modifying process components, such as integrating a third reverse osmosis unit and installing a new aeration system. The aim is to make the treatment facilities more sustainable, extend the operational life and reduce energy consumption.

The impact

The optimisation and expansion of drinking water reserves in North Overijssel will improve the reliability and availability of drinking water. Iv’s use of advanced technologies, such as 3D scanning and BIM, ensures accurate and efficient engineering. These technologies provide Vitens and other stakeholders with a transparent project overview, enabling better decision making. The sustainability efforts contribute to more environmentally friendly drinking water production and reduce operating costs in the long term. These adaptations ensure a robust and future-proof drinking water supply for the region.

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