Electrification of Waternet fleet

Fleet electrification Waternet

The project

Waternet ensures that Amsterdam’s canals are cleared of debris, inspected, dredged, and cleaned almost daily. With the aim of achieving a zero-emission fleet, Waternet has commissioned Iv to provide project management for the modernisation and construction of nine vessels. In addition, Iv took on an advisory role in the electrification of the fleet during the definition, design, preparation and implementation phases. In the final phase – the conversion and construction of Waternet’s fleet – Iv was specifically asked to supervise the project and manage the execution, including testing.

The challenge

Electrifying the fleet involves much more than just replacing a diesel engine with an electric motor; it requires a complete overhaul of the propulsion system with advanced programming. Everything on the vessel must communicate with all the other components, from software and different types of (emergency) batteries to converters, steering systems, shoreside charging facilities, and even the VHF marine radio. Programming must be designed to prevent malfunction and ensure a robust system. Integrating all these necessary components into an existing vessel is quite a challenge, especially given the limited space for a hybrid installation and the required battery packs. Complexity like this requires careful planning and engineering to achieve a seamless and efficient electric propulsion system.

The impact

Most of the Waternet fleet now operates on the Amsterdam canals, hybrid or fully electric. This shift not only keeps the canals clean and safe but also ensures that the work is carried out in the most sustainable way possible. The fleet’s electrification improves air and water quality, in line with the goal of promoting a cleaner and more sustainable living environment.

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