Focus crane – Mammoet

Focus crane Mammoet

The project

Mammoet has developed an innovative crane in collaboration with Iv: the Mammoet Focus. This crane has been specially designed to operate in confined spaces with low ground pressure, providing a unique solution for densely built-up areas such as petrochemical plants. The Focus crane is characterised by its ability to be set up vertically in a relatively small area of 30 by 40 metres, making it possible to work in environments where traditional cranes of similar capacity cannot be used.

The challenge

In particular, designing a crane that is both high-capacity and suitable for placement in a small area is a technical challenge. The complex system of the crane, including the red mast section and the grey superstructure section, had to be able to function in a confined environment. The development required a high level of technical expertise, especially in the crane’s structural engineering and mechanical components.

The impact

The introduction of the Focus crane has had a significant impact on industry, particularly in sectors where space and ground pressures are a challenge. With its unique ability to be built vertically, the crane offers a new solution for carrying out complex lifting projects in densely built or vulnerable environments, enabling more efficient and safer operations with less environmental impact.

Focus crane Mammoet

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