FrieslandCampina: reuse of condensate

The project

Iv plays a key role in shaping sustainable solutions in the industrial water market. A recent example is FrieslandCampina’s ‘Waterballet’ project, which focuses on reusing condensate from steam installations as process water. Iv managed this process from start to finish, from tender to completion.

The challenge

FrieslandCampina’s growth and the resulting increase in its water footprint presented a challenge that required innovative solutions. The company faced the challenge of reducing its environmental impact without lowering production capacity. The task was to upgrade condensate from steam installations, which was previously discharged, to process water of drinking water quality. This required a delicate balance between technological innovation, economic feasibility and environmental sustainability. Iv took the lead in this complex process, seeking a solution that could be seamlessly integrated into FrieslandCampina’s existing infrastructure.

The impact

The Waterballet project is helping to reduce FrieslandCampina’s water footprint by saving three hundred thousand cubic metres of water a year. The implementation of the treatment installation not only resulted in cost savings through the reuse of existing buildings and smart planning but also laid the foundations for further sustainable developments. For example, further expansion and additional sustainable production processes are already under consideration.

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