HC1100: safe, fast and efficient installation at sea

The project

Utrecht-based company Seaqualize has realised the impressive heave compensator, for which Iv was commissioned to design the steel colossus: the HC1100. The HC1100 tool is designed to make the installation of large components for offshore wind farms safer, faster and more efficient by compensating for the swell caused by waves.

The challenge

Installing heavy wind turbine components at sea is a complex task due to the motions of the vessels involved in the operation and the sea state. Traditional lifting methods only allow installation in favourable weather conditions. Seaqualize has developed the Heave Chief 1100 (HC1100), an innovative lifting tool capable of lifting and installing objects up to 1100 tonnes in sea conditions with wave heights up to 3.5 metres.


Iv designed all the mechanical components of the HC1100. Suspended from an existing offshore crane, the heave compensator tool compensates for the vessel’s motions, facilitating a more straightforward installation of heavy components for wind farms. The HC1100 can hold a suspended load of 1100 tonnes still against the vessel’s motions, allowing installation in more severe weather conditions.

The impact

The HC1100 offers significant advantages for the offshore installation of wind turbine components. It allows offshore operations to continue for more months of the year, helping to accelerate the energy transition. The wireless and efficient operation of the HC1100 reduces downtime associated with recharging and improves the overall efficiency of the installation process.

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