Structural inspection of Feyenoord Stadium

The project

The municipality of Rotterdam has been conducting inspections at Feyenoord Stadium for years as part of the annual safety declaration issued by the municipality. The municipality started doing this in 2002, even before the OVV (Dutch Safety Board) repeatedly recommended that the structural safety of public buildings (classified as consequence class 3) be made mandatory. Since 2017, Iv has been conducting these structural safety inspections on behalf of Feyenoord Stadium and the municipality of Rotterdam.

The challenge

The partial collapse of the AFAS Stadium and Goffert Stadium in Nijmegen set alarm bells ringing. From 1 July 2024, owners of large, publicly accessible buildings, such as football stadiums, will be obliged to conduct a periodic inspection of the structural safety in accordance with NTA 8790 ‘Periodic assessment reliability of design safety of existing structures’. This was published in the Government Gazette (Staatscourant) on 12 April. As a study group member, Iv was closely involved in the establishment of this NTA standard.


The impact

Through its inspections, Iv contributes to ensuring the structural safety of the football stadium. The inspections that Iv conducts are used to substantiate the safety declaration. The components to be inspected and the inspection criteria are tailored to this.

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