Super heavy lift cranes

The project

Iv worked with Mammoet on the structural design of two gigantic PTC (Platform Twin Ring Containerised) cranes with a height of up to 250 metres. The unique feature of these super heavy lift cranes is the lifting capacity of no less than 3,200 tonnes. A complete crane fits into approximately 200 containers, making it easy to transport, even in regions with little infrastructure.

The challenge

The demands on super heavy lift cranes result not only in larger cranes but also in more complex crane designs. In addition, the cranes need to be disassembled into sections that fit into standard containers.

The impact

The structural design improves transportability. Because the crane can be disassembled into sections that can be transported in containers, it is much easier to move these super heavy lift cranes to remote or inaccessible areas where there is little infrastructure. With a lifting capacity of 3,200 tonnes, these cranes can lift significantly large and heavy loads, facilitating complex construction projects.

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