Telescopic gangway Kenz Cranes

The project

Kenz Cranes wanted to develop an advanced offshore motion-compensated gangway capable of compensating for movements in 3D, thereby enabling offshore cargo transport up to 1000 kilograms. This gangway ensures the safe transportation of people and goods between a ship moving on the waves and an offshore installation.

The challenge

In the sometimes harsh conditions of offshore activities, safety is of the utmost importance. The transportation of people and cargo between a moving ship and an offshore installation requires an extremely stable and reliable passage (gangway). Iv was tasked with realizing this technically challenging project. We addressed not only the design of the passage but also its integration on the ship, the main frame, the gangway sections, and the bumper. In this process, we conducted calculations and took care of the mechanical engineering aspect of the project.

The impact

The 3D compensation system ensures that the gangway remains stable even during intense movements of the ship on the waves. This enables the safe transportation of people and heavy cargo to offshore installations, which is essential for the continuation of offshore activities.

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