Renewal wastewater treatment plant Haarlem Waarderpolder

Waste water treatment plant Waarderpolder in Haarlem

The project

The Haarlem Waarderpolder wastewater treatment plant treats wastewater from Haarlem and the surrounding area and is a vital facility for Rijnland. However, the existing fermentation tanks, where sludge is fermented and biogas is produced, were outdated and showed signs of wear and degradation, which posed a risk to the plant’s safety, operational reliability and efficiency.

The challenge

To ensure safety and operational reliability, Rijnland decided to renovate the fermentation tanks. Iv prepared the specifications for the renovation of the first tank. This included the design for the replacement of the sludge and biogas pipework, the repair of the concrete structure, the replacement of the sludge supply and circulation pumping equipment and the installation of railings. In addition to preparing the technical specifications, Iv managed and supervised the project during the renovation.

The impact

The renovation of the fermentation tank has led to significant improvements in the safety, efficiency and operational reliability of the Haarlem Waarderpolder wastewater treatment plant. By replacing outdated systems and structural elements such as pipelines, concrete structures, and pumping equipment, the plant is now better equipped to treat wastewater and sludge and produce biogas. The improved operating conditions and upgraded equipment contribute to sustainable water treatment and energy production.

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