Wastewater treatment plant Sleeuwijk

Waterzuivering RWZI Sleeuwijk

The project

Rivierenland Water Board aims to be completely energy neutral by 2030, a goal that involves converting wastewater into energy and raw materials. One of the initiatives to achieve this was to construct an energy factory on the Sleeuwijk wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) site. This facility processes sludge into biogas, making the WWTP more sustainable with reduced waste production.

The challenge

The design and realisation of this energy factory with a large processing capacity and the ability to produce biogas formed a challenging task. Iv realised the design of the energy factory in collaboration with contractor Pannekoek GWW and the Rivierenland Water Board. The design and implementation had to meet strict environmental standards, including those for nitrogen emissions. The energy factory uses proven technologies such as RHDHV’s Ephyra┬« technology and Colsen’s Anammox technology (NAS-ONE┬«). Iv adapted the design to meet new environmental requirements, including the changes in legislation following the Supreme Court ruling.

The impact

The conversion of sludge into biogas produces renewable energy and reduces environmental impact. The reduced waste product and efficient processing contribute to a more sustainable and cleaner environment. The project also encourages innovation and collaboration between the various parties involved, including Iv, contractors, and water boards. The success of this project demonstrates that with sound design, technical expertise and collaboration, sustainable goals can be achieved, and societal benefits realised.

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