Sustainable SWRO installation for Water- en Energiebedrijf Aruba (WEB)

Upgrade of reduction tower 4 for BASF

Concept design of raw material store and supply for new DRP

Engineering Services for the industry in transition

New construction of ultramodern tank terminal (80,000 m³)

Expansion of flu vaccine production capacity for Abbott

New biomass steam generator for Cargill: Flower Power

Renewal of LBC tank terminal – Rainbow programme

Improving sustainability at Olam Food Ingredients factory

Structural inspection of Feyenoord Stadium

Restoration of Blokweer Swimming Pool

Chocolate factory expansion – Cargill Roger

Accsys Elm Tree – Increasing the production capacity

Specialised lock measurements

New pumping stations for the Afsluitdijk

IJmuiden sea lock: the largest in the world

Multidisciplinary engineering and consultancy services – EVOS Amsterdam West

Blythe & Southwark gas production platforms

Upgrade and fatigue analysis of Lemniscate cranes

Detailed calculations and workshop drawings EYE Film Museum

Expansion of Leiden University in the heart of The Hague

New sustainable swimming pool – De Braak

Design and life extension of the roof and retractable roof structure of the Johan Cruijff ArenA

Lidl’s new distribution centre

Hoekse Lijn metro station

De Kragt Talent Centre

Bleizo station

Willem-Alexander Sports Park

Optimisation of the water balance

Customised design for knuckle boom cranes

Digital Twins

Service life study of 188 fixed steel bridges

Tree recognition using artificial intelligence

The Rotating Towers

Super heavy lift cranes

Blauwe Aderplan Geldrop-Mierlo

Blauwe Aderplan Baarle-Nassau

Dike reinforcement of the Canalised Hollandsche IJssel

Dike reinforcement City of Tiel

Structural Safety Area Assessment (ABC) of bridges in Zeeland

Cycle route between Hilversum and Amersfoort

Safe and Sustainable Phase 3

LED lighting on the Maasvlakte

Reconstruction of the Ollandseweg – Sint-Oedenrode

Fast cycle route – Katwijk aan Zee

Optimisation of traffic control systems

Alternative drinking water supply Dunea

Monitoring cracks

Load testing at Overamstel

Improved flow through the Halfweg Locks

Dimensioning the Rijnland Route

Monitoring deformation of the Afsluitdijk

GRIP: Support for ProRail track data

Failure probability analysis of storm surge barriers

Mapping the surrounding environment of the A16 – Groene Boog consortium

Electrification of Waternet fleet

High-voltage pylons TenneT

Decommissioning oil and gas platforms

Alba B3 compression platform

Wind energy integration on an offshore gas platform: N05-A

Replacement of cooler and freezer installation – MSD

Neart Na Gaoithe

Thor transformer platform

Helwin Beta

HVAC Borkum Riffgrund

DolWin Alpha HVDC offshore platform

Borssele Alpha & Beta

2 GW platforms Tennet

Ostwind, Gennaker West & East

Sofia Offshore Wind Farm

Focus crane – Mammoet

Semi-automatic APMT cranes

A unique hydro-structural tool

Scanning quay walls

Making buildings more sustainable

New Dokbrug Vlissingen

Prince Claus Bridge

Load testing bridges

Oosterweel Link

Sustainable design Schiphol Bridge A9

Detailed inspections on offshore platforms

Decommissioning of the Petrogas Halfweg Platform

Grillage and sea fastening for sustainable transport

Improvement of DRP efficiency and production capacity

New office building ’33 Central’ in London

Showcase Cinema de Lux Southampton

Gelada enclosure at Rotterdam Zoo

Detailed design for the London Eye

Electrification of processes

New ethoxylation plant

Filling and packaging line – AkzoNobel

Design support for the PALLAS medical isotopes reactor

New storage facility for MSD

Monopile remover

Telescopic gangway Kenz Cranes

HC1100: safe, fast and efficient installation at sea

Ammonia: the accelerator of the energy transition

500MW H2 – North Sea Energy

PosHYdon (pilot)

Floating solar platform

FrieslandCampina: reuse of condensate

A new factory for Emmi

Modification Petrojarl I FPSO

Floating wind turbines ‘gravity base’

Floating offshore substation

Sustainable BBV Zeeland

Tata Steel railway

Maintenance of the Schiphol Tunnel

3D laser scanning of level crossings

Optimisation and expansion of drinking water reserves in Diepenveen

Wastewater treatment plant Sleeuwijk

Renewal wastewater treatment plant Haarlem Waarderpolder

Removing PFAS from wastewater

Load testing quay walls

Quayside foundation renovation

Quay Walls at the Amaliahaven – Rotterdam

Multifunctional residential tower ‘de Hooghe Delft’

Baumann Church Rotterdam

New apartment complex ‘De Parkwachter’

New sustainable housing project ‘Samen aan de Schie’

New construction project ‘Malieklos’

Lock Gates – Panama Canal

De Entree – Amsterdam

Nieuwe Sluis (New Lock) – Terneuzen

De Kwekerij – Sustainable starter and student housing

PHAReB: A time-saving tool for calculating failure behaviour

Concept design for an electric submarine

Stinger Pioneering Spirit

Heavy-lift crane integration – Seafox 4

Stability analysis & inclination test – Nexus

Upkeep programme HNLMS Rotterdam

Mission System Integration – KRI Usman Harun

Main gun integration – HNLMS Evertsen

Life extension of the Walrus class