Ostwind, Gennaker West & East

Ostwind Gennaker

The project

The offshore high-voltage substations Ostwind 3, Gennaker OSS Zingst and OSS Darß are located northeast of the island of Rügen, about 100 kilometres off the coast of the German town of Lubmin. These offshore wind platforms in the German part of the Baltic Sea were partly realised by Iv to make a considerable contribution to the energy transition.

The challenge

Integrating large-scale offshore energy generation into the electricity grid requires robust engineering and construction. Iv-Offshore & Energy formed a Joint Venture with HSM Offshore Energy and Iemants to carry out the engineering, construction and installation of three platforms in the German Baltic Sea. The projects Ostwind 3, Gennaker OSS Zingst and OSS Darß were carried out in close collaboration with the partners. Iv was responsible for the design and procurement of the components, while HSM and Smulders focused on the construction. Jointly, the parties were involved in the commissioning, installation and connection of the platforms.

The impact

The Ostwind 3 project consisted of an offshore substation with a capacity of 300 MW, which could supply enough green energy for roughly 260,000 households. The Gennaker project comprised two platforms with a total planned capacity of 900 MW. These projects represent an important step in the energy transition, integrating sustainable offshore wind energy into the electricity grid. In addition, the local construction of these platforms in the Netherlands promoted independence from international supplies and strengthened the supply chain.

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