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The energy transition, the global demand for innovative and affordable medical products, and the shift in product types we currently witness are major challenges that require the pharmaceutical industry to critically examine its production processes and factories. To continue adding value, embracing changes in the market is essential. The pharmaceutical industry is under pressure to make processes and buildings more sustainable, organise processes differently, and produce different products. Iv helps clients manage this transition by translating their ambitions into practical solutions for a sustainable, safe, and efficient production environment, from architectural and structural solutions to hygiene zoning and logistics. Iv also provides advice on asset management.

Building on years of knowledge and experience

With many years of practical experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Iv provides multidisciplinary advice based on systems engineering for the new construction and upgrading of facilities, process installations, packaging lines, laboratories, cleanrooms, clean utilities, production logistics and zoning. All of this is supported by our in-depth knowledge of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) quality standard, the associated verification and validation documentation, and the activities required to successfully undertake such projects in a single swoop. The result is a qualified and validated solution that is fit for purpose.

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Over the years, we have built up an impressive track record of projects in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Optimal use of industrial water

Industrial water can be treated in a number of ways, depending on its composition. But which solution allows you to get the most out of the treatment process? Iv helps industry map the water footprint, investigates where the treatment process can be optimised and advises on which solution, regardless of technology, will best suit the process and deliver optimal sustainability and (cost) efficiency results. We can design a complete water treatment plant and technically integrate water treatment solutions into the client’s existing processes. We can also manage the tendering and construction process if required.

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