Expansion of flu vaccine production capacity for Abbott

puncture and vaccination

The project

With the help of Iv’s engineering and project management support, Abbott has expanded its production capacity for flu vaccines. The expansion involved adaptations and additions to various parts of the production process in terms of process installations and equipment in clean rooms with different zoning. The layout of the existing facility, including the production and building facilities (steam/cooling, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), (production) water, (production) sewage and waste treatment), will also undergo adaption.


Iv was responsible for the concept, basic and detailed engineering and worked closely with Abbott to manage the investment and operational budgets and coordinate the adaptations. Iv gave substance to the design and coordinated the various design disciplines, including building engineering, layout and routing, construction, process technology, mechanical engineering and electrical installations, instrumentation and automation.

The challenge

The operational planning of the production process had to be considered and respected in the design and throughout the implementation. As a result, the time available for implementation activities was limited, and the engineering had to be adapted accordingly to allow for phased execution and realisation. During the (systems) engineering and execution, the quality of the work had to be ensured through extensive verification and validation processes in order to guarantee the final quality of the production process and production.

The impact

The expansion of Abbott’s flu vaccine production capacity will increase the availability of flu vaccines. For the client, Abbott, this increased capacity offers the opportunity to expand its market.

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