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Optimising the quality of public spaces

How can we ensure high-quality public spaces? Where and how can we improve accessibility, traffic flow and road safety? How do we make the living environment climate-proof? And does a redesign proposal have the desired effect on users? These are examples of the issues that Iv works on daily. Key issues that contribute to the quality of public space and ensure that residents and businesses can live and operate in a pleasant and comfortable environment. Iv gives substance to policy and prepares plans and integral designs for public space, mobility and traffic. Designs that are feasible and workable, with support and acceptance for the measures. Whether it involves integral spatial design, improving road safety and traffic flow, or creating sustainable water systems. We adopt an integral approach and develop sophisticated, data-driven solutions that serve multiple purposes. Sustainable and circular. Future-proof, climate-adaptive and water resilient.

An integral approach to complex mobility issues

The constant growth in mobility makes it more important than ever to critically examine accessibility, road safety and quality of life in the Netherlands. Finding a solution to traffic problems in the limited space available requires an integral approach. Iv’s services range from road design and the design of civil engineering works to mobility plans, BLVC plans, lighting plans, landscape integration and architectural design. We develop and use applications such as smart sensors, (big) data management and BIM applications. Thorough investigations and planning studies form the basis of our work.

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Over the years, we have built up an impressive track record in spatial planning and mobility projects .

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In control with performance and risk-driven asset management

The management and maintenance of assets must be sustainable and conducted with minimal risk and cost. The challenge is to achieve the optimal balance between performance, risk and cost. How do you make the appropriate trade-offs and responsible decisions? Iv has all the necessary expertise under one roof to provide tailor-made integral advice, from systems engineering, risk analysis and RAMS to applied mathematics and business administration. Supplemented by specific knowledge of the (failure) behaviour of assets, clients can count on a total package that addresses both the hard and soft assets of asset management.

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