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The key to world-class port logistics

A sustainable and efficient logistics chain in port areas is essential for maintaining a strong international competitive position. Every year, millions of containers are stored and transshipped in ports. This number is expected to increase in the coming decades. Goods need to be moved to their destination quickly, safely and efficiently, and equipment such as advanced container cranes, heavy lift cranes, bulk handling cranes and overhead travelling cranes play a vital role in ensuring this. Iv has a proven record in designing some of the world’s largest and most complex cranes. We have unique knowledge of steel and mechanical engineering structures, drive mechanisms and control systems, and we deliver innovative solutions that fit seamlessly into the client’s process.

Optimising and maintaining existing assets

In addition to designing new handling equipment, Iv advises clients on the maintenance and optimisation of existing equipment to extend the life and increase the level of automation. We have expertise in asset management and risk management and carry out high-quality inspections and measurements to ensure the reliability and availability of handling equipment. With advanced designs and reliable advice, we ensure logistical processes can continue uninterrupted, even in complex circumstances.

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Over the years, we have built up an impressive track record of projects in the cranes sector.

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