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Successful production in the chemical industry is highly dependent on efficiency, sustainability, process safety and product quality. Technical solutions must meet the highest quality and safety requirements. And factories, both buildings and processes, must be as sustainable and circular as possible. A complex task because existing factories cannot become fully sustainable overnight. Moreover, such a transition requires significant investment. Decisions have to be made, and a roadmap drawn up: which measures will deliver the greatest impact in the short term? When should we tackle which part? Iv helps clients achieve sustainable factories and processes. We translate the ambitions of clients into smart and feasible designs for practical and workable plants and factories that are safe and comply with all stringent requirements.

Sustainable and high-quality production processes

Iv has many years of experience in the fine and speciality chemicals sector and has in-house expertise in all technical disciplines. From process, mechanical and building engineering to climate, energy technology, and industrial safety. We are also familiar with the legal standards and requirements for handling hazardous substances, (fire) safety and explosion safety. We provide a full range of advice to chemical companies, from the adaptation of existing buildings and installations to the integral design of new factories and plants . And from pilots and scale-ups to complete factories. We also advise on asset management and the sustainable treatment and reuse of industrial water, in small steps or with entirely new concepts.

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Over the years, we have built up an impressive track record of projects in the chemical industry.

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Optimal use of industrial water

Industrial water can be treated in a number of ways, depending on its composition. But which solution allows you to get the most out of the treatment process? Iv helps industry map the water footprint, investigates where the treatment process can be optimised and advises on which solution, regardless of technology, will best suit the process and deliver optimal sustainability and (cost) efficiency results. We can design a complete water treatment plant and technically integrate water treatment solutions into the client’s existing processes. We can also manage the tendering and construction process if required.

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