Water technology

Guaranteeing clean and sufficient water

How can we ensure a sustainable water supply now and in the future? The quality and availability of water are under pressure worldwide. The balance between water supply and demand is becoming increasingly unstable. This instability is partly due to our changing climate, leading to water stress (water scarcity). On the other hand, nature is being thrown off balance by contaminants such as PFAS, nitrogen, micro-organisms, and pharmaceutical residues, and it cannot always recover unaided. These factors present complex challenges for wastewater treatment and drinking water production. Iv has many years of experience with (innovative) treatment methods for wastewater, industrial water and drinking water. We provide our clients with comprehensive advice in this field.

Identifying the best solution together

Water can be treated in countless ways, but what is really the best solution to a problem? Iv advises clients on this. With expertise in all technical disciplines, we manage the interfaces between the disciplines in projects, which results in integral designs and phasing plans with a low implementation risk profile. With technological designs that maximise sustainability and total cost of ownership, we collaborate with clients to develop viable and future-proof water treatment solutions. Our approach covers all system components (water treatment, conveyor systems, sludge treatment, energy supply and energy generation).

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Over the years, we have built up an impressive track record of water technology projects.

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