Do you want to use your technical skills to make an impact on some of the biggest challenges of our time? Join us!

Employees of Iv

Engineering that excites

Working at Iv means working on the most complex issues every day. The greatest challenges of our time. We devise solutions for the energy transition, the effects of climate change and to ensure a safe and resilient society. We design offshore wind platforms, submarines, and the world’s largest lock complexes. Essentially, we design anything that requires a high level of technical expertise and multidisciplinary knowledge. This is what we call: Engineering that excites.

Employment terms and conditions tailored to you

At Iv, we believe in the importance of feeling valued for your work, so we pay special attention to good working conditions. And we tailor them to you. Everyone has different needs, so we think it is important that you get to choose exactly what your employment package looks like. 



Would you like your 7% annual bonus paid into your account monthly or at the end of the year? And would you like your holiday pay to be paid monthly too? No problem. Would you rather have more leave days or fewer in exchange for more salary? Pay more into your pension or contribute less? The choice is yours.

Employees of Iv

31 Leave days

7 Additional vacation days can be purchased or sold

7,9%* profit-sharing bonus (*figure for 2023)

7% Annual bonus

FAQ about employment terms and conditions


Where and when can I work?

We offer flexible working hours and the opportunity to work from home, allowing you to fit your work schedule around your personal needs and commitments. On a 40-hour full-time contract, working four nine-hour days and then just four hours on Fridays is possible.


Iv works with you to ensure your home workspace is safe and complete. You can choose various accessories for your home workspace when you begin employment. For example, a desk, office chair, monitor and/or noise-cancelling headphones.

How many days of annual leave am I entitled to?

Want to catch your breath, discover the world or just take a day off? We believe that a good balance between work and rest is essential. That’s why we give everyone a minimum of 31 days annual leave to recharge their batteries. In addition, you can buy or sell an extra 7 days, according to your wishes.

I do not have a car. How do I get to the office?

It is of course possible to travel to our offices by public transport. You will receive a travel allowance for this. If you have to travel more than 30 kilometres, you can use a commuter car for a small fee. If you need a company car for your work, you can opt for a leased car through the company.

Will I also receive a travel allowance?

Whether you travel by public transport or car, we provide a travel allowance, ample parking and charging facilities.

Is there an Iv pension scheme?

You can choose between a good market-based pension or a superannuation pension. As your employer, Iv will make a large, fixed contribution to your pension, and you can choose whether to contribute the same or make a smaller personal contribution. This way, you can decide the composition of your salary and pension arrangement.


How does the annual bonus work?

You will receive an annual bonus in December. This is set at 7% of your gross annual salary and is almost a thirteenth month!

How does the profit-sharing bonus work?

Iv is a social company. We believe that your share in the company’s success should be valued. So, through a profit-sharing bonus, everyone gets a share of the company’s profits. The amount of the bonus depends on the profit achieved and has been set at 7.9% of gross annual salary for 2023.

From submarines to movable bridges. And everything in between.

No other engineering company is as diverse. We work on thousands of projects worldwide, in a wide range of markets and across all technical disciplines. Would you like to know what kinds of projects you could work on with us?

A culture of learning and development

Quality first is one of our core values, but it also applies to our own development. Our ambition is to be better at what we do; to constantly develop ourselves.

There are endless opportunities to gain new skills at Iv. We help you to identify what you want to achieve. We give you the freedom to take charge of your own development and personal growth.

5 ways to develop yourself
Employees of Iv

Global opportunities

With 14 offices worldwide and projects all over the world, your opportunities at Iv are limitless, and you can make an impact anywhere from Papendrecht to Panama thanks to your expertise.


Of course your work should be interesting, but having fun is just as important. Those two worlds come together at Iv-Young. With Iv-Young, we annually organise interesting visits to our great projects at home and abroad, we hit the slopes and, of course, we also enjoy a drink in due course.

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