Climate-proof design

Severe weather

Solutions to withstand extreme weather

Flooding after heavy rainfall is becoming more and more common. Droughts are also increasingly causing problems with infrastructure, foundations and urban greenery. The need to make our environment more resilient to climate change is vital. But where do we start? Iv has all the expertise in-house to make areas climate and water resilient. From road infrastructure, urban water, sewerage systems and mobility to water systems, geotechnics and green space planning.


Feasible and affordable solutions

We help clients identify potential vulnerabilities in an area. We also provide advice on practical, climate-proof measures. When designing new infrastructure and area layouts or making major adaptations to existing infrastructure, we calculate a range of future scenarios from a probabilistic perspective and explore innovative options for adaptation and reduction of CO2 emissions. We critically examine the benefits and need for measures and search for feasible solutions. Our integral and practical approach helps keep climate adaptation affordable.


Iv works worldwide on unique projects that are of great importance to society. From offshore wind platforms, unique bridges and the world’s largest lock gates to buildings, factories, water treatment plants, container cranes and more. We deliver workable solutions of the highest quality for issues of all sizes and complexities.

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