Engineering that excites

We are Iv. We are Engineers. Engineers dedicated to solving the most complex issues. The greatest challenges of our time.

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Challenges of our time

In a rapidly changing world, we are continuously faced with new challenges. Challenges that have a significant impact on society. Iv delivers workable technical solutions of the highest quality to address the challenges of our time.

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Projects we are proud of

Iv works worldwide on unique projects that are of great importance to society. From offshore wind platforms, unique bridges and the world’s largest lock gates to buildings, factories, water treatment plants, container cranes and more.

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We are Iv

We are Iv. We are Engineers. Engineers with an unrivalled commitment to solving the most complex issues. The greatest challenges of our time. Our specialists devise solutions for the energy transition, the effects of climate change and to ensure a safe and resilient society. We design offshore wind platforms, submarines, and the world’s largest lock complexes. Essentially, we design anything that requires a high level of technical expertise and multidisciplinary knowledge. The diversity of our work is unmatched by any other engineering company, and we deliver results that genuinely benefit society. This is what we call: Engineering that excites.

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Stay up to date with Iv’s global solutions to the energy transition, climate change, achieving a safe, sustainable and future-proof living environment and much more.

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Iv goes to Euro 2024 in Hamburg with 200 colleagues

The severe tightness in the labour market poses tough challenges for businesses. To recruit new staff but also to bind and retain existing staff. To enhance the bond between Iv and its colleagues, Iv organises many different activities. Visiting the European and World Cup is a good example.