Transport and installation

Safe and reliable transport of offshore structures

When it comes to offshore transport and installation, everything has to be right the first time. There should be no surprises. Offshore structures may not sustain damage or fall overboard during transport. To ensure this, Iv performs various specialist studies and calculations that form the basis for the so-called grillage and sea fastening structures. Iv also designs these structures. They are attached to the barge and ensure that the offshore structures can be secured firmly and stably, absorbing all forces and accelerations, keeping the barge stable and ensuring smooth sea transport. Iv has years of experience in the offshore industry, providing high-quality reports and designs to ensure safe and reliable transport and installation activities in the most challenging conditions at sea.

Managing all interfaces

The new generation of offshore structures is growing in size and weight, sometimes pushing a barge to its limits. The forces involved in transporting large offshore structures can be enormous. As a barge is not infinitely strong, offshore structures need to be loaded on the barge with the correct load distribution. Iv helps clients with this. Designing grillage and sea fastening structures is a complex task with many interfaces that must be managed. Iv acts as the central link in the chain, ensuring the proper coordination of all aspects. We inspect the barge and the structure to be moved, calculate the strength, stability, loads and accelerations, and design the connections in accordance with the relevant standards. We make models of drawings to gain an accurate idea of how the structure will be assembled. This is necessary for transport and to ensure that everything is geometrically correct. Where possible, we reuse the client’s materials. With our designs, clients can construct the grillage and sea fastening structures in a single operation.

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