Inspection of public buildings

Stadion Feijenoord

A legally required periodic inspection

Incidents, such as those in which parts of the AZ stadium in Alkmaar and the NEC stadium De Goffert in Nijmegen collapsed, have led to a legal obligation to regularly inspect large public buildings’ structural safety from 1 July 2024. This periodic inspection must be conducted by an independent and expert party and is mandatory for large public buildings such as stadiums, school buildings, theatres, concert halls, hospitals, nursing homes, swimming pools and railway station halls. As an independent engineering company specialising in the design and maintenance of structures, we are ‘the’ party to conduct this type of inspection for our clients.

Complete, comprehensive advice to comply with legal requirements

Asset management of large buildings is a complex task involving many aspects. In addition to technology, budgets and stakeholders play an essential role. How do you do this as a manager or owner of large public buildings? How do you map the structural safety of the building? What measures, if any, need to be taken and when to ensure structural safety? And how do you manage the risks and costs?


With years of experience and highly specialised knowledge of inspections, risk analysis, design and maintenance of (complex) structures and installations, Iv advises across the board. Through inspections and strength calculations, Iv helps provide insight into the safety and risks of structures, and with an integral multi-year maintenance plan and technical dossier in compliance with legislation, Iv provides concrete tools to ensure the safety of structures and the sustainable management of risks and costs.


Iv works worldwide on unique projects that are of great importance to society. From offshore wind platforms, unique bridges and the world’s largest lock gates to buildings, factories, water treatment plants, container cranes and more. We deliver workable solutions of the highest quality for issues of all sizes and complexities.

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