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Steel is everywhere, from cars to batteries, buildings to industrial installations, equipment and appliances. Millions of tonnes of steel are produced every year. The industry is demanding and under intense social pressure. The new benchmark is lighter, stronger, and more energy-efficient ‘green’ steel. As a result, heavy industry is undergoing a major and complex transformation. The industry has to become ‘green’: European steel producers aim to be CO2 neutral by mid-2045. However, in the short term (2030), heavy industry must reduce CO2 and other harmful emissions by around 35 to 40 percent fewer megatonnes . Massive reductions can be achieved through electrification, process and product optimisation, and using and reusing residual products in the process and/or chain. The challenge is to integrate all these measures into producers’ existing and complex environment. Iv assists raw material suppliers, steel producers, and the manufacturing and recycling industries with advice and monodisciplinary and multidisciplinary implementation designs. From feasibility studies to engineering closeout. And from small consultancy assignments to large, complex engineering projects to enable the production of high-quality, sustainable and green steel in the future.

Specialist advice across the entire spectrum

Iv has been developing solutions for heavy industry since 1949. We have a unique and versatile knowledge of this type of industry, from raw material intake to finished product, processes and production installations to raw material recovery and scrap handling. We understand the chain from A to Z and have expertise in all technical facets.


Iv is currently playing a significant role in major sustainability programmes in the metallurgical industry. Whether it involves a whole new factory or the adaptation or maintenance of existing factories, installations, equipment or machinery, we ensure all the processes in the production chain work together according to standards, the client’s wishes and requirements in a sustainable, clean and circular way. We advise clients on all aspects, from site preparation and realising new factories, installations, equipment and buildings (including the necessary foundations, piping and cabling) to water treatment, recycling and developing on-site logistics such as roads, railways, ports and cranes. We provide high-quality designs and advice on the maintenance and reuse of structures and installations (asset management).

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