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Expertise for complex contract and process management

In the complex contract and process management world, clients often face challenges that require in-depth market knowledge and a deep understanding of technical and operational processes. It is essential to have expert insight at the design stage and when providing strategic advice. From asset management to addressing issues relating to measurement and monitoring, maintenance, spatial planning, energy consultancy and area layout, the needs are diverse and require a tailored approach.


We draw on the expertise our experts have built up over decades to fulfil all these advisory roles. This knowledge is necessary to provide clients with sound advice in the early stages of projects. In addition, we can apply this knowledge in later phases, such as during engineering, and ensure our involvement throughout the project chain.


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Iv works worldwide on unique projects that are of great importance to society. From offshore wind platforms, unique bridges and the world’s largest lock gates to buildings, factories, water treatment plants, container cranes and more. We deliver workable solutions of the highest quality for issues of all sizes and complexities.

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Iv offers workable solutions of the highest quality for the greatest challenges of our time, from the energy transition and the changing climate to realising a safe, sustainable and future-proof living environment. To this end, we provide a variety of services. Delivering quality is our number one priority.

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