Lifespan of structures

Gaining control over the structural safety of structures

Structures such as buildings, bridges and cranes are subject to enormous loads over their life, which can increase over the years. For example, bridges can be subjected to greater loads due to the increased weight of traffic. Simultaneously, the strength of the structure may decrease due to ageing or degradation. Loads and strength together determine the structural safety of a structure. To ensure the safety and operational continuity of the structure, managers of such structures need to have structural safety under control. Incidents such as the collapse of stadiums or bridges must be prevented at all times.


Iv has over 75 years of experience in the design of all types of structures and specialises in investigating their structural safety. Using a risk-based approach, we help our clients gain insight and control over structural safety and make the right priorities and trade-offs with minimal effort. We can get the most out of structures so that structural safety remains demonstrable, and physical adaptations can sometimes be postponed for longer. We also provide the optimum design for life extension, renovation or replacement of existing structures that are no longer up to standard and/or where usage requirements have changed. This way, measures can be planned in advance and surprises avoided.


DREAM: Data-driven Risk-driven Enterprise Asset Management

A major benefit for clients is that Iv’s expertise in measurement technologies, risk analysis and asset management is complemented by in-depth knowledge of structures and installations. As a result, we are uniquely placed to translate data from sensor measurements into information about the (failure) behaviour of structures. We approach issues integrally and provide structure managers with complete, comprehensive advice. Iv has developed the DREAM method to provide advice on the management and maintenance of structures in the most (cost) efficient and organised way possible. DREAM stands for Data-driven Risk-driven Enterprise Asset Management. In short, DREAM is a measurement method that cleverly combines knowledge of the failure behaviour of structures, inspection results, risk analysis and maintenance advice.


Iv works worldwide on unique projects that are of great importance to society. From offshore wind platforms, unique bridges and the world’s largest lock gates to buildings, factories, water treatment plants, container cranes and more. We deliver workable solutions of the highest quality for issues of all sizes and complexities.

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