Load testing quay walls

The project

The ‘Proefbelasting Kademuren’ (Load testing quay walls) project in Amsterdam, initiated by the municipality of Amsterdam, aims to analyse and test the structural integrity of the quay walls in the Amstelkwartier II. The aim is to develop a reliable calculation model that provides insight into the structural condition of these quay walls built on wooden piles. This is important for preserving and maintaining Amsterdam’s heritage and infrastructure.

The challenge

The challenge is to develop a calculation model that accurately reflects the current state of the quay walls. This model would need to deviate from standard norms to address the specific situation in Amsterdam. A combination of intensive underwater research and analysis of historical material plays a key role in gathering essential data to form the basis of the model. This research aims to accurately assess the structural safety and determine the remaining life of the quay walls, thereby avoiding unnecessary condemnations and repairs.

The impact

The project will significantly impact the future management and maintenance of Amsterdam’s quay walls. By implementing a specific and realistic calculation model, combined with advanced sensor and measurement technologies, the municipality of Amsterdam will be able to plan maintenance activities more efficiently and objectively. This leads to more sustainable management, minimises inconvenience to residents and supports the programmatic approach to renewing bridges and quay walls. Developing the calculation model and using advanced sensor technology will enable a more targeted approach to maintenance activities, thus preserving Amsterdam’s historic quay walls for future generations. With this project, Amsterdam is taking an important step towards a reliable and scientifically based management strategy for its quay walls, an essential part of the Amsterdam cityscape.

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