Hydrogen offshore substation

Pioneering in hydrogen solutions

Hydrogen offers opportunities to tackle the challenges of the energy transition. Industry, in particular, can play a vital role in this. Hydrogen can be produced in many places around the world. But the real challenge lies in getting it to where it needs to be. When hydrogen is transported from A to B, much energy is lost along the way. But solutions are in the making. Iv is also working on these solutions. As in the offshore wind sector, we have also been involved in early market developments in the hydrogen market. We use our extensive knowledge of the various markets to advise on feasibility studies and within (EPCI) projects.

Hydrogen production on land and at sea

Iv is working on advanced solutions to produce green hydrogen at sea. With this, wind energy is converted into hydrogen. Hydrogen can be injected and transported through an existing offshore natural gas network. There is, therefore, no immediate need for new pipelines to transport the energy generated at sea to shore. This solution offers the opportunity to use existing platforms for offshore hydrogen production. We have also developed technology for the decentralised production of green hydrogen from ammonia. Our technology enables hydrogen to be produced closer to the end user, such as industry, inland shipping, transport companies or filling stations. As a result, the need for HGV transport is eliminated, thus indirectly contributing to sustainability.

Projects in this market

Although the production of green hydrogen is still in its infancy, Iv has worked on various hydrogen projects.

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