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Decades of experience in oil and gas

At a time when we are switching to green energy sources on a large scale, the supply of energy to households and the industrial sector must continue to be guaranteed. We cannot avoid continuing to produce fossil fuels such as oil and gas, albeit to a lesser extent over time. Iv has decades of experience in the oil and gas industry. We have designed many oil and gas platforms and FPSOs and advise clients on decommissioning. Our years of experience and expertise in all technical disciplines make Iv a reliable partner in all project phases, whether it involves realising new platforms or modifying or decommissioning existing ones.

Achieving a balanced energy mix

The market is in full swing. To achieve a balanced energy mix, existing platforms need to be maintained for as long as possible, where it is possible and responsible to do so. To this end, Iv conducts inspections and provides engineering services for modifications to existing platforms. New technologies and innovations enable oil and gas to be extracted more safely, reliably and efficiently.


Hundreds of oil and gas platforms in the North Sea are expected to be reused or dismantled in the coming years. The latter is also known as ‘decommissioning’. Iv advises clients on the safe lifting and transport of topsides and jackets. These operations are preceded by specialised preparatory work such as surveys, offshore inspections, weight calculations and determining the ‘centre of gravity’ of the topsides and jackets. This gives us a complete representation of the platform before, among other things, the weight can be determined and the models for the lifting and transport analysis are produced – a fundamental basis for the successful dismantling of existing platforms.

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Over the years, we have built up an impressive track record of projects in the oil and gas market.

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