Wind energy integration on an offshore gas platform: N05-A

The project

In the North Sea, about 20 kilometres north of the Wadden Islands of Borkum, Rottumerplaat and Schiermonnikoog, the N05-A gas field is being developed on behalf of ONE-Dyas. This is an important step towards ensuring the security of natural gas supplies and the Dutch (knowledge) economy. In addition, locally sourced natural gas has a more positive impact on the climate, having a significantly lower CO2 footprint than imported natural gas. Moreover, the platform will ultimately be powered entirely by green energy. The anticipated volume to be produced from the N05-A field – and the surrounding fields – is between 4.5 and 13 billion Nm3. It is an investment of over €500 million, making it the largest Dutch investment in natural gas development in the past 15 years. As the subcontractor for HSM, Iv is responsible for the detailed engineering of the N05-A platform.

The challenge

It is impossible to switch to 100% renewable energy overnight. This process takes time, meaning that natural gas will continue to be part of our energy mix for years to come. However, the challenge is to ensure that the natural gas used is as clean, affordable and reliable as possible. The unique aspect of the N05-A platform is that it will be powered entirely by wind energy from the nearby Riffgat Wind Farm. Integrating wind power into an offshore gas platform requires advanced technical expertise.

The impact

The development of the N05-A gas field will contribute to the security of energy supply in the Netherlands and Germany, with significantly lower CO2 emissions than imported gas. CO2 emissions will be minimised to the absolute lowest level due to the platform being powered by wind energy, making it the gas production area with the lowest CO2 emissions in the North Sea.

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