Decommissioning of the Petrogas Halfweg Platform

The project

The Petrogas Halfweg Platform, located in the Q field near Den Helder, was due to be dismantled in 2017. However, a collision involving a large tanker disrupted the original plans: the platform had to be dismantled using a different method.

The challenge

The collision also created a need to ensure structural integrity and safety and to identify potential damage to the platform, particularly given its complexity and possible obstacles for dismantling. Iv conducted a FEED study. Finite Element Method (FEM) analysis was used to assess the stability of the platform. Advanced inspection methods, including drone scans (Bluestream 3) and ROV inspections of the Gravity Base Structure (GBS) and platform legs, were also used. This combination of expertise and technology helped to identify potential damage and assess the overall safety of the platform. 

The impact

By accurately assessing the structural integrity and safety of the platform, Iv was able to develop the revised decommissioning plan. Early identification of potential obstacles and damage minimised risks during decommissioning. The use of advanced inspection methods, such as drones and ROVs, not only promoted safety but also the efficiency of the process. Ultimately, the thorough approach contributed to the successful dismantling of the Petrogas Halfweg Platform despite the initial challenges.

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