Civil structures

Integral design of civil structures

From bridges to quay walls, lock complexes, storm surge barriers and weirs, our landscape is full of civil engineering works that greatly benefit society. They protect us from the dangers of water, contribute to good accessibility and visual quality, and thus contribute to a safe and comfortable living environment. Iv has specialist knowledge and expertise in all aspects of these structures, from construction to operating mechanisms. We provide integral services for realising new civil engineering works and renovating and maintaining existing structures. For example, we have supplied the integral design for numerous special structures, such as the new lock gates for the Panama Canal and the IJmuiden sea lock, the movable Prince Claus Bridge and the Zandhazen Bridge: a huge railway bridge over the A1 motorway. Our approach, which combines various technical disciplines within RAMS analyses, results in sustainable and robust designs that meet the performance requirements. Our skills in determining (future) loads and the impact on the structure and the environment play an essential role.

Maintain as long as possible, replace when necessary

Many existing civil engineering works were built in the 1940s, 50s or 60s and are approaching the end of their life. In practice, we are increasingly seeing the condition of these structures deteriorate, and in some cases, bridges have to be closed. Action is needed to maintain safety, but the fact that many structures are nearing the end of their life does not necessarily mean that they all need to be replaced at the same time. With the right measures, many of these civil engineering works can often be maintained safely for years to come. As a manager of civil engineering works, how do you make the right choices? And what is the current state of all the structures in the area? In addition to designing new civil engineering works, Iv helps managers to manage the structural safety of existing structures in the area as cost-effectively as possible, whether it concerns large steel civil engineering works, concrete or municipal structures.

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In control with performance and risk-driven asset management

and conducted with minimal risk and cost. The challenge is to achieve the optimal balance between performance, risk and cost. How do you make the appropriate trade-offs and responsible decisions? Iv has all the necessary expertise under one roof to provide tailor-made integral advice, from systems engineering, risk analysis and RAMS to applied mathematics and business administration. Supplemented by specific knowledge of the (failure) behaviour of assets, clients can count on a total package that addresses both the hard and soft assets of asset management.

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