Oosterweel Link

The project

In the coming years, the Antwerp ring road will be closed, making the Oosterweel junction an important link. The Oosterweel junction is part of the Oosterweel Link project. This junction, located south of the port and west of the largest city in Flanders, will replace the current local connection with a full-fledged junction with four-lane roads in both directions, flyovers, approach and exit ramps and a bicycle connection. Iv has an essential role in the design of this complex junction within the Oosterweel connection, aimed at solving technical and constructional challenges.

The challenge

The Oostwerweel junction forms the connection between two tunnels: the Scheldt tunnel and the Canal tunnels. The project is a challenge both in terms of construction and organisation. The interface between the various sub-projects must be perfect, including the coordination. In addition, accessibility, quality of life, sustainability and greenery are of great importance to the various stakeholders. Antwerp will become more accessible through the closure of the ring road and the creation of more space for cyclists. In addition, the junction is largely recessed, which creates space above for the Ringpark Noordkasteel. Iv is designing innovative solutions for concrete structures, geotechnics, and the aesthetic integration of the junction, including mobility solutions and green areas such as the Ringpark Noordkasteel. Collaboration with partners Lantis, Rinkoniên Rechteroever, Sweco and WSP is crucial to meeting these technical and organisational challenges.

The impact

The realisation of the Oosterweel junction will significantly improve Antwerp’s accessibility, reduce traffic congestion and contribute to a sustainable, future-proof infrastructure. By combining efficient traffic flows with creating green spaces like the Ringpark Noordkasteel, Iv demonstrates how technical innovation and careful attention to the living environment can lead to a successful urban project.


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