Non-residential structures

Flawless coordination of all disciplines

Whether it concerns offices, production halls or workshops, every organisation needs to use its building for a specific purpose. Maximising building efficiency starts with listening to the user’s needs and understanding the business processes. From this, a bespoke Programme of Requirements (POR) can be created, which forms the basis for further design. Iv has expertise in installation technology, building engineering and construction and takes an integral approach to projects. We also have expertise in costs, which helps us determine the payback period for every investment. Our way of working and multidisciplinary knowledge results in smart choices and, therefore, the highest efficiency.

Making buildings more sustainable

Buildings need to become more sustainable. But how do we achieve this? Which energy concepts do we use? What is the best solution for your building? Iv provides advice on flexible and sustainable energy concepts. Installations are having an increasing impact on the design of buildings, which is why Iv carefully considers at an early stage how a building should be implemented. We address this from every technical perspective. Our specialist technical knowledge of installations provides the leverage to achieve the ultimate design together with the architect. The building-related installations must be sustainable, fit seamlessly into the architect’s aesthetic design, and be flexible. We design solutions in 3D and BIM to seamlessly coordinate building-related installations and structures with other disciplines. This approach provides an early insight into the final result, preventing errors and surprises during project implementation.

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Over the years, we have built up an impressive track record of projects in the commercial construction sector.

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