Extending the life of cranes

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Maintaining crane safety

Cranes are subject to varying loads throughout their life. This can cause damage to the crane runway or the crane itself. Buying a new crane is a major investment. However, extending the life of existing cranes or crane runways can be much cheaper. In practice, the theoretical ‘end of life’ rarely means that the entire crane or crane runway is worn out. By taking specific measures, they can often operate safely for longer. Iv is an expert in designing all types of cranes and helps clients gain insight into fatigue damage and the crane’s structural condition. We also advise on options to extend the life of cranes and crane runways and to maintain safe operation.

Specialist analyses and inspections of cranes and crane runways

Cranes and crane runways must be inspected regularly according to a fixed schedule. This schedule (the inspection protocol) records the intensity of the inspections and the points of attention. The principles of the original calculation must be taken into account. The inspection programme can then be based on the calculations conducted so that targeted inspections can be conducted on the components that theoretically have a high risk of suffering fatigue damage. Iv has extensive experience performing structural fatigue analyses, on-site monitoring, and inspections. This, combined with our specialist knowledge of crane structures and crane runways, makes Iv the ideal partner for drawing up and implementing inspection programmes and advising on measures to extend the service life.


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