Upgrade and fatigue analysis of Lemniscate cranes

Lemniscaat cranes

The project

Iv carried out an upgrade and fatigue analysis for a transshipment company to assess the condition of their Lemniscate cranes. The reason for the analysis was that the cranes were calculated to lift 26 tonnes in the jaw grab but have been loaded heavier than that in their lifetime. Measurements were also taken to calculate the accelerations of the cranes’ motions and the oscillations of the pontoon. Based on all this data, Iv provided advice on the lifting capacity upgrade, remaining service life and associated modifications to the Lemniscate cranes.

The challenge

Lemniscate cranes have a number of unique features. For example, the crane is always balanced by the counterweight. If the crane tilts forward, the counterweight moves backwards and vice versa. In addition, the Lemniscate crane is used on a floating platform, such as a pontoon, making it suitable for use in many locations. The crane consists of more pivot points and components than other cranes, making the calculation work very complex.

The impact

By carrying out various calculations and analysis, Iv provided the client with expert advice on extending the cranes’ life, allowing them to remain in service for longer.

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