Structural Safety Area Assessment (ABC) of bridges in Zeeland

Structural safety bridges

The project

How can area managers quickly and cost-effectively gain insight into the risk profile of their fixed structures? Iv is conducting its self-developed Structural Safety Area Assessment (ABC – Areaal Beoordeling Constructieve veiligheid) for the province of Zeeland on around 50 fixed bridges. The ABC approach takes a step-by-step approach, working from general to detailed aspects. Gathering all available technical information is essential to conducting a structural safety assessment of the area. Based on this, risks and consequences are inventoried and assessed, after which all objects are prioritised. The objects with the highest priority can then be addressed, followed by further investigation or a recalculation. It is then clear whether the object meets all the structural requirements. A load test can also be performed to demonstrate the true structural strength of a bridge.

The challenge

Gaining insight into the structural safety of all the structures in an area is a huge and time-consuming task. With the time and limited budget available, it is impossible to inspect and possibly strengthen a large number of structures in a single year. So, how do you gain insight into the structural risks within the area as quickly as possible? Iv uses the ABC approach to quickly map the area under management, revealing the probability of each structure failing to meet the legal requirements for structural safety.

The impact

The ABC method ultimately saves managers both time and money. It provides a solution to the challenge by offering insight into the risks and consequences of each structure. The cost-effectiveness of additional efforts is repeatedly and rationally considered. We look critically at how we can achieve as much as possible with as few resources as possible. Prioritising objects within an area gives managers a short-term grip on their area, enabling them to work in a targeted and cost-effective way to make all objects structurally safe and compliant.

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