Restoration of Blokweer Swimming Pool

Swimmingpool Blokweer

The project

In 2021, following regular inspections for corrosion on the stainless steel wall of the Blokweer Swimming Pool, the municipality of Alblasserdam decided to investigate the structural safety of the pool further. Iv conducted this investigation on behalf of the municipality and concluded that the stainless steel structure has been affected by chlorides to such an extent that it has acquired an unpredictable character. Therefore, the swimming pool’s long-term safety could no longer be guaranteed. In addition, the concrete perimeter deck was not strong enough to support the horizontal water load from the pool. After careful consideration with, among others, the Environmental Service, the municipality of Alblasserdam and the Service Municipality of Drechtsteden, the Blokweer Swimming Pool closed its doors in February 2022 to ensure the public’s safety.

The challenge

To provide advice on targeted solutions for safe restoration, greater insight into the current structural condition of the pool was required. Further investigations were carried out to determine the current structural condition more accurately. Additional inspections of the stainless steel and concrete structure were carried out to determine repair options and costs. Following these investigations, potential solutions were identified to reopen the pool safely. Two renovation options were developed for the final design stage. In close consultation with the local council, the municipality of Alblasserdam decided to replace the stainless steel structure with a concrete pool in combination with further increasing the sustainability of the pool. In addition to preparing the technical documentation, Iv supervised the tendering phase and is currently part of the construction team that is carrying out the repair work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Iv’s role is to ensure quality and assist with queries and optimisations.

The impact

Quality and safety always come first. We are proud to be able to contribute our knowledge and expertise to the restoration of the swimming pool, an essential facility for sport, health and education in Alblasserdam.

Swimmingpool Blokweer

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