Grillage and sea fastening for sustainable transport

The project

Grillage and sea fastening are two crucial aspects for the safe transport of large components by sea, such as platform and wind turbine components. The grillage is the structure on which the components can be transported: the components are welded to the grillage (sea fastening) on a vessel. The grillage ensures even weight distribution and prevents damage to the vessel.

The challenge

Sea conditions and heavy loads must be taken into account when designing and implementing grillage and sea fastening. These factors affect the stability and safety of the load during sea transport. This requires the safe securing of loads and a good understanding of load movement to ensure the correct choice and installation of fasteners to prevent shifting or damage. We always strive to reuse as many materials as possible.

The impact

Grillage and sea fastening reduce the risk of damage to the load and also help to minimise safety risks to personnel and the environment. This work fits seamlessly with our knowledge and experience of decommissioning, whereby Iv also contributes to the circularity of raw materials and resources.


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