Dike reinforcement of the Canalised Hollandsche IJssel

Dyke improvement Gekanaliseerde Hollandse IJssel–Noord

The project

On the northern side of the Canalised Hollandsche IJssel (GHIJ), between Achthoven and Hekendorp, the dike no longer meets all the requirements for water safety. The dike requires improvement to protect the hinterland from flooding now and in the future. The project is part of the High Water Protection Programme (HWBP).

Iv and Arcadis are jointly conducting the exploration phase of this dike improvement project for the Stichtse Rijnlanden District Water Control Board. The exploration phase began with an inventory of possible solutions to the water safety task . Then, the alternatives are examined, and a preferred option is selected in consultation with the surrounding community. In addition to the water safety task, the incorporation task (to maintain the level of spatial and/or environmental quality) and the area task, which relates to other aspirations and developments, are included. Together, these form the integral design task.

The challenge

A unique feature of this dike reinforcement project is that two dikes lie side by side in several places. One is directly on the water side of the GHIJ (the foreland barrier), and the other is further inland (the regional flood defence). The regional flood defence is the formal flood defence. The project will investigate whether the foreland barrier is an interesting alternative to the regional flood defence. In addition, the GHIJ runs through the historic village centres of Montfoort and Oudewater within the project area.

The impact

The dike improvement project contributes to water safety and the quality of life in the surrounding area. The project also positively impacts sustainability, nature, recreation and cultural history. Opportunities will be identified with the surrounding area to achieve a safer and more beautiful area around the GHIJ.

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