Five ways you can grow and develop at Iv

Employees of Iv

At Iv, we work every day on complex projects that are vital to our society. On the greatest challenges of our time, such as the energy transition, the huge sustainability challenge and climate change. To provide the best solutions to these challenges, we must work together, share knowledge and continually expand our expertise. Iv gives its employees plenty of space to do this. We believe in the importance of people developing themselves, and we provide a range of tools to help them do this. Everyone follows their chosen career path and is given the opportunity to grow in the direction that suits them best through training, courses and other learning opportunities. Below are five ways in which you can grow and develop at Iv.

#1 Learning on the job

The best way to learn is to be fully involved in projects, which is why we give you a lot of responsibility from the start of your career. By giving you this responsibility and setting the bar high, we encourage you to keep developing your talents. Needless to say, you can always count on the help and guidance of experts with years of experience in the field. You can also take specific training or courses relevant to your role, allowing you to apply the skills you have learnt directly to your projects. This is what we call learning on the job.

#2 Always a senior or buddy by your side

When you start working at Iv, you will be assigned a buddy. Your buddy is an experienced and enthusiastic colleague who will be your sparring partner during your first few weeks at Iv and will settle you into our organisation. Under the guidance of experienced colleagues, we will help you develop your talents. We challenge you to push the boundaries and give you the space to grow. We have the most skilled engineers working for us, and they will happily teach you the tricks of the trade.

#3 Personal development plan

Iv is a growing and ambitious organisation; this creates opportunities for talented employees. We follow few set paths at Iv but offer plenty of space for you to let your entrepreneurship shine. And because we are constantly growing, there are always new paths to explore. We work with personal development plans to guide and stimulate your development. Everybody is different. Everyone has their own ambitions and talents. At Iv, we believe in the talents of our people. We help you shape your specific ambitions with a personal development plan.

#4 Endless training and education possibilities

Our mission is to achieve the utmost in the world of technology. We can only do this by ensuring our people have the space to bring out their best. The space to grow and develop in the direction that suits them the most. We value this at Iv and offer our colleagues endless training and development opportunities. We have a wide range of training and development programmes available through our Iv-Academy. If you would like to take a training or course not included in the academy, that’s possible too. If you are unsure which training programme or course is right for you and your career path, our HRD colleagues will gladly discuss this with you. In short, with Iv, the possibilities are endless.

#5 Internal mobility

Would you, as a structural engineer, like to work on the design of offshore platforms, as well as bridges, cranes, or submarines? It’s all possible at Iv. The diversity of our company allows us to take a peek behind the scenes of other markets, which opens up even more career opportunities. In this way, we ensure that our employees feel sufficiently satisfied and challenged in their work.