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Circular use of industrial water

The industrial sector faces multiple challenges when it comes to water management. It can no longer be assumed that drinking water supplies can increase when the demand for water rises. Just as, for example, the availability of cooling water during periods of low river levels cannot be taken for granted. Such challenges present opportunities. Firstly, the water footprint can be mapped to optimise treatment processes, and secondly, production processes that require process water can be made more sustainable and circular. In both cases, the result is the most optimal and sustainable use of industrial water. This contributes to the entire water chain.


Iv is committed to several areas of water management within the industrial sector. We help clients with the above issues in engineering, project management, consultancy and research. We also help them with alternatives to using drinking water, for example, by reprocessing (waste)water streams into process water. Over the past two decades, Iv has increasingly specialised in industrial water to help move the industry forward and bring the water balance into equilibrium.

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