Electrification of processes

The project

The industrial sector is on the eve of a major transformation driven by the energy transition. Iv is playing an important role in shaping this development by redesigning industrial processes with the aim to electrify them. In this context, Iv challenges traditional methods; switching from natural gas and steam to green electricity. This transition presents challenges but also offers many possibilities.

The challenge

The challenges lie in multiple areas. One of the challenges is the transition to electrifying processes that traditionally rely on fossil fuels to achieve high process temperatures. The transition is complex due to grid constraints and the higher cost of electricity. Peak power is also an obstacle, as it can exceed the capacity of the electrical connection. In addition, the switch to electric heating presents new challenges for heat recovery, as direct heat exchange is not possible without the use of a heat buffer or a heat battery. This requires an innovative approach. Electrification can also have an impact on business operations. Heat pumps, for example, provide heat and cooling simultaneously. It really is a playing field with many possibilities. For example, how can we use variable electricity tariffs, load sharing, electric batteries and heat batteries? What role can hydrogen play in heating processes or storing excess energy? Furthermore, the collection and analysis of data via the Industrial Internet of Things opens the door to further optimisation and efficiency improvements.

The impact

Initiating changes in the energy supply of industrial processes begins with making the processes more efficient. Iv gives substance to this sustainability drive by optimising energy consumption and implementing electrification. Redesigning processes with today’s knowledge, preconditions and sustainability goals is paving the way for the ‘factory of the future’, where efficiency improvement, a smart application and green energy play a central role.

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