Optimisation of the water balance

Water balance

The project

In response to increasing water stress caused by climate change, leading to areas of water scarcity, Iv is focusing on improving the water balance within the industrial sector. This is essential to meet future water demands and to minimise the impact of industrial processes on water resources. By thoroughly analysing the water balance of production processes, treatment plants and waste processing companies, insight can be gained into the water footprint and the opportunities to optimise water management.

The challenge

The challenge is to tackle water stress – a state of water scarcity exacerbated in the Netherlands by prolonged drought, groundwater salinisation, sea level rise and land subsidence. This problem affects nature, the agricultural sector, the drinking water supply, and the industrial sector. Industry has a crucial role in reducing this stress by optimising the use of water in its processes. This requires a thorough inventory and analysis of current water flows and quality, identification of optimisation opportunities and implementation of sustainable water management strategies.

The impact

An improved water balance has a significant impact on reducing water stress and ensuring sustainable water management. By optimising the water balance, the industrial sector can help reduce the water footprint, promote reuse, and ultimately reduce drinking water consumption. This will lead to more efficient and cost-effective use of water and contribute to achieving sustainability goals and increasing the social value of water. Iv’s approach provides the industrial sector with the tools to proactively contribute to solving water-related challenges while delivering economic benefits by reducing operational costs and seizing opportunities for sustainable development.

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