From waste to raw material

Iv stands for a healthy and sustainable water chain. Industrial clients and water boards (wastewater treatment plants) have a responsibility to treat (waste)water streams.


This requires installations that need maintenance and, where necessary, adaptation with the right technologies to treat water sustainably.


In addition, we are facing more stringent legislation and regulations regarding wastewater discharge into surface waters, particularly in Natura 2000 protected areas. Iv provides integral advice on applying innovative treatment methods to make wastewater as clean as possible.


The term ‘wastewater’ is also beginning to fade into the background. Not because it no longer exists, but because we no longer see it simply as waste, but increasingly as a raw material. For example, recovering nutrients and phosphates from wastewater, or creating fermentation installations that produce green gas for heat and electricity. Making this shift requires specific expertise and robust engineering. Iv helps water boards and industrial companies with design, consulting and project management, among other services, for the optimisation and new construction of water treatment plants.

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Over the years, we have built up an impressive track record in wastewater projects.

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